Course Requirements and Schedule

A detailed and up-to-date listing of course offerings and course syllabi is maintained on the internal website for NB&B students.

Course Requirements


First year graduate students in the Program typically take:

  • Experimental Approaches in the Neural Sciences (Fall: G4900)
  • Responsible Conduct of Neuroscience Research/Policy (Spring: G6001)
  • Survey of Neuroscience (G4340)

Additional requirements:

Nate Sawtell and lab
  • Two advanced seminars in Neurobiology and Behavior
  • Second and Third year students - Participation in Student-run Journal Club (one mandatory presentation per year) (Fall, Spring semesters, G4990)
  • Third year students and beyond - Professional Skills for Neuroscientists (G4800)
  • All students - Research in Neurobiology (G9040)

Course work is typically completed by the end of the second year as several graduate courses are offered in alternate years, however, the final course for some students may be in their third year. (Note: the curriculum is tailored to the diverse interests of students in neuroscience training; requirements are flexible).

For MD/PhDs: Neural Science (M6106) or The Body in Health or in Disease II (M6107) replaces G4340. Only one laboratory rotation is required. After matriculating in the program, MD/PhDs two advanced seminars in Neurobiology and Behavior.

Laboratory rotations

Students in the program typically complete three laboratory rotations (Research in Neurobiology: Neurobiology and Behavior G9040). For MD/PhD students the expectation is at least one rotation. A list of the previous rotations of current graduate students is available here (current students only).

Course Schedule

Please click here to view the schedule for current academic year (2017-2018).