We offer a diverse set of research and academic experiences that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience. Over one hundred faculty from two campuses combine coursework and experiential learning in basic, clinical and translational science, providing an exceptionally broadly based education.

We also foster an atmosphere of collaboration between investigators, theorists, and experimentalists, where students learn the value of a problem-oriented approach to research. Guidance and mentorship are an integral part of the Columbia experience.

We invite you to learn more about the Columbia University Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior.

Prospective Students

The Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior trains its students in the exploration of the nervous system at the level of molecules, cells, development, circuits and systems, theory, and behavior.

Current Students

Each entering student in the doctoral program interacts closely with program co-directors and program faculty during orientation, first semester courses, personal meetings, and a series of lab rotations.

Our Faculty

The mentors at Columbia that participate in the Neurobiology and Behavior training program are both exceptionally accomplished and highly collegial. Learn more about faculty research interests by exploring these pages. 

Research Opportunities

The breadth of opportunity in our program is enhanced by the fact that faculty mentors in the program have appointments across several different university departments. 


November 14, 2023

A Portrait of the Scientist

"Graduate students are the lifeblood of science. As they learn and grow in expertise, their efforts at the bench and the blackboard drive research forward. They teach. They mentor. They enrich our community and reach out to inspire other communities. A Portrait of the Scientist presents a selection of Columbia University’s many outstanding graduate students pursuing PhDs in fields related to neuroscience. These photographs (by Thomas Barlow, graduate student in the Axel lab) document their daily lives and their crucial work advancing what we know about mind, brain and behavior."

May 22, 2023

Rising Stars in Neuroscience Symposium

We're excited to share that NB&B students Elom Amematsro and Michelle Stackmann will be presenting at the annual Rising Stars in Neuroscience Symposium at the Univ. of Utah - Department of Neurobiology this coming Monday May 22, 2023, from 9am to 3pm (MT).

May 15, 2023

Congrats, 2023 NB&B grads!

Congrats to our PhD and MD/PhD students whose degrees were conferred in the 2022-2023 academic year:

Marissa Applegate, Jack Bowler, Matthias Christenson, Malika Datta, Dan Kato, Sean Lim, Zhenrui Liao, Mohammadamin Nejatbakhshesfahan, Grace Paquelet, Jacob Portes, James Priestley, Lisa Randolph, Leslie Sibener, Gabe Stine

We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  

Visit our Alumni page to see all of the exciting career paths our students take. 

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