Jennifer Gelinas, MD, PhD

Jennifer Gelinas, MD, PhD

Research Interest

Epilepsy is more than just seizures.

Children and adults with epilepsy often experience problems with intellectual development, learning, memory, and attention – symptoms that can sometimes be even more disabling than seizures. In our lab, we study neural networks that mediate these cognitive functions in developing and mature brains. By understanding the physiology of these networks and how they are disrupted by epileptic activity, we work toward targeted treatments that aim not only to stop seizures, but also to address cognitive comorbidities. We pursue research projects in 3 main axes:

We use memory tasks and large-scale neural recordings in behaving rodents to understand the interplay between epileptic activity and memory. We also use closed loop technologies to perturb these neural networks with the goal of altering memory function.

We perform multi-cortical neurophysiologic recordings in wild type neonatal and juvenile rodents as well as those harboring mutations associated with epilepsy, autism, and intellectual disability to understand the unique features of these neurodevelopmental disorders.

We develop computational approaches to interictal epileptic networks using intracranial EEG data from patients with epilepsy, and leverage advanced neural interface devices to gain higher spatiotemporal resolution data from these networks.

  • MD, University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine (Canada)
  • PhD, University of Alberta (Canada)
  • Residency: British Columbia Children's Hospital, Canada
  • Fellowship: New York University Langone Medical Center, Neuroscience Institute
  • Fellowship: New York University Langone Medical Center

Science mentor for Independent Science Program (high school level), 2015-2016

NYU Neuroscience Outreach Organizer and Volunteer, 2014-2015

Science Mentor for i2 Science Challenge Program, 2013-2014

Laboratory Coordinator for CRISP (Clinically Rich Integrated Science Program), 2013-2014

Resident Lecturer at Neurology Academic Half-Day, University of British Columbia, 2011-2013

Neurology Resident Advisor for Pediatric Clerkship e-Health Initiative, University of British Columbia, 2010-2011

Teaching Assistant for Pediatrics Resident Half-Day, University of British Columbia, 2010-2011

Resident research curriculum development (Child Neurology)

Supervision of medical students, residents, and fellows

Laura MacRae Award, Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital, Award for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine, 2013

Taking Flight Award, CURE Epilepsy

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Seed

Louis V. Gerstner Jr. Scholar

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  • Developmental neurophysiology 
  • Epilepsy and cognitive disorders