The majority of program graduates end up in academia or academic medicine, whereas others have chosen careers in scientific publishing or administration, pharmaceutical research, intellectual property law, and technology consulting.  Our curriculum encourages students to explore career options that fit their interests and life goals through instruction in professional skills and by highlighting career opportunities throughout the graduate years.

Last Name First Name Institution Position Dissertation Year Thesis
Aber Etan Columbia University Medical Student 2018

Myelin is remodeled cell-autonomously by oligodendroglial macroautophagy

Adebola Adijat Columbia University, Pathology Dept. Postdoc 2008

Characterization of Neuronal Plakins

Agnihotri Naveen Lenddo Chief Technology Officer 2002

What Makes Hippocampal Representations Stable?

Ahmed Mohsin Columbia University Medical Center Assistant, Clinical Psychiatry 2009

Presynaptic Function and Long-Term Plasticity of Direct Cortical Inputs to Hippocampal CA1 Neurons

Arguello P. Alexander Nature Neuroscience Scientific Editor 2010

Understanding Neural & Cognitive Elements of Psychosis: Short-term Plasticity and Working Memory in a Genetic Model

Augsburger Adela Herbert Smith Freehills LLP Scientific Consultant 1999

The Induction of the Floor Plate and its Role in Spinal Cord Formation

Babadi Baktash NGH McLean, Adult Psychiatry Residency Program Resident 2011

Network Structures Arising from Spike-Timing Dependent Plasticity

Ballagh Irene Cornell University Postdoc 2013

Sex Differences in the Structure, Function and Regulation of Vocal Circuits in Xenopus

Balough Elizabeth Columbia University Medical Student 2020

Keeping Time: Parvalbumin Interneuron's Orchestration of Episodic Memory in Health and Disease 

Barazangi Nobl California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Neurologist/Director of the Stroke/Neurocritical Care Research and Education Program 2000

Physiological Properties and Synaptic Interactions of Mouse Olfactory and Amygdala Neurons

Barkan Charlotte Reed College, Zornik Lab Postdoctoral Researcher 2016

Evolution of vocal patterns: returning hindbrain circuits during specieis divergence

Baruni Jalal Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2015

Mechanisms of attention in visual cortex and the amygdala

Batistatou Anna University of Ioannina, Greece Associate Professor 1993

Studies on the Mechanism(s) of Neuronal Survival/Death Using Cultures of PC12 Cells and Sympathetic Neurons

Batty Eleanor Harvard University Lecturer/Curriculum Developer for Computational Neuroscience, Neuroscience PhD Program 2020

Nonlinear Approaches for Neural Encoding and Decoding

Belluscio (Armitage) Beth Pfizer, Early Candidate Clinical Lead for Rare Neurological Diseases Senior Director 1997

Does Homosynaptic Depression in Aplysia Neurons Involve Modulation of the Fusion Apparatus?

Belova Marina Global Strategic Marketing at BD 2007

Representation of Value in Primate Amygdala during Reinforcement Learning

Berliner Alyson Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Senior Director, Clinical Sciences, Ophthalmology 2000

ERNI: An Early Response to Signals from Hensen's Node

Bernier Lise Clinical Research Institute Academia/Research 1984

Cyclic AMP in the nervous system of Aplysia and its role in synaptic function

Birdsall Veronica 2020

KIF13A mediates the activity-dependent transport of ESCRT degradative pathway components in axons 

Blumenfeld Hal Yale University School of Medicine Professor 1992

Modulation of Intracellular Calcium in Aplysia Sensory Neurons

Bolkan Scott Princeton University, Department of Psychology, Witten's lab Postdoc 2016

Thalamo-prefrontal substrates regulating cognitive behaviors in mice

Brachman Rebecca NeuWrite Group Leader at NeuWrite, Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur 2014

A single injection of ketamine confers robust, long-term protection against stress-induced depressive-like behaviors

Brady Roscoe Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatrist 2005

Contact Chemosensation in Drosophila: Genetics and Anatomy

Braha Orit Oxford University Consultant 1990

Possible Involvement of Protein Kinase C in Presynaptic Facilitation of the Sensory Motor Synapse of Aplysia

Brus-Ramer Marcel UCSF, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Resident 2008

Selective Stimulation of Spared Corticospinal Connections Promotes Recovery After Injury

Budreck Elaine University of Basel, Switzerland Researcher 2010

Isoform Specificity of the Neuroligin Family of Postsynaptic Adhesion Molecules

Burgos Anita United States Senate, Office of Senator Tina Smith AAAS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow 2017

Dissection of neural circuitry underlying nociception in drosophila larvae

Calabrese Ana Integral Ad Science Senior Data Scientist 2014

Single Cell and Population Coding Principles in the Songbird Auditory Cortex

Campos Lucas Stanford University School of Medicine Pain Fellow 2006

Bypassing Spinal Cord Injury: a Novel Therapy Utilizing an Intact Peripheral Nerve Bridge

Canetta (Singer) Sarah Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, Kellendonk Lab Sackler Fellow and Associate Research Scientist 2010

Type III Nrg1 Signaling in Peripheral Sensory Neurons Affects Thermal Pain Sensation and Hyperalgesia

Carvalho Fernanda Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2015

The Role of the Indirect Pathway in Motivated Behavior

Chalif Joshua Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2018

Ventral spinocerebellar Tract Neurons are essential for mammalian locomotion

Chang Sarah Infusion Communications, A United Drug Company Vice President, Medical and Scientific Services 2004

Development of Left/Right Asymmetry in Chemosensory Neurons in C. elegans

Chau Lily SUNY Downstate Medical Center Resident 2012

Modeling Alzheimer's Disease Using Cellular Reprogramming Technologies

Clark Abigail Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

The function of dopamine D2 receptors in the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus

Clark Samuel Columbia University Medical Student 2017

Characterization striatal direct and indirect path neurons during motor learning and anxiety

Cleary Leonard J. University of Texas Medical School at Houston Professor 1984

Identification of the Axonal Organelles in Which Newly-Synthsized Glycoproteins are Translocated by Fast Axonal Transportation in the Giant Cerebral Neuron of Aplysia

Clinton Brian Columbia University Medical Center Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 2005

Cellular Proliferation in the Vertebrate Brain: Comparative Features in Embryonic and Adult Turtle

Colaco Nalini UCSF Medical Center Cardiology Fellow 2011

Specific Connectivity and Molecular Diversity of Mouse Rubrospinal Neurons

Constantinople Christine New York University Assistant Professor of Neural Science 2013

Subcortical Inputs Governing Cortical Network Activity

Cooper Scott University of Minnesota Assistant Professor of Neurology 1995

The Cerebellum and Interjoint Coordination

Corty Megan U-Mass Medical School, Freeman Lab Postdoc 2011

Transcriptional control of somatosensory neuron diversification in Drosophila

Crabtree Gregg Columbia University, Department of Physiology Postdoc 2009

TRPV1 Modulates Synaptic Transmission at Physiological Temperatures by Acting as an Intracellular Ca2+ Store Leak Channel

Croft Gist Rockefeller University, Brivanlou Lab Research Associate 2011

Controlling the Subtype Identity of Human Stem Cell Derived Motor Neurons

Crouch Elizabeth University of Calfornia, San Francisco, Department of Pediatrics Pediatrics Resident 2012

Adult Neural Stem Cells and Their Perivascular Niche

Cueva Chris Columbia University, Zuckerman Institute Postdoc, Stefano Fusi Lab 2018

Recurrent computation in brains and machines

Dammerman Ryan Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Senior Director, Medical Affairs 2000

GABA in Developing Neocortical Layer 1

Daniele Claire AlphaBioCom Scientific Communications Manager 2009

Unraveling Innocuous Sensory Input Driven Inhibition in a Spinal Cord Pain Pathway

Danielson Nathan Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

Functional diversity within hippocampal principal cell subpopulations

De Marco Garcia Natalia Weill Cornell Medical College Assistant Professor 2007

Determinants of Motor Neuron-Muscle Connectivity in the Developing Limb

Demireva Elena Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, Gingrich Lab Postdoc 2009

Genetic Dissection of Cadherin and Catenin Functions in Spinal Motor Neuron Development

Dempsey Conor 2018

Learning and generalization of sensory predictions in cerebellum-like structures

Deodhar Dilip Humanoid Robotics Pharmaceutical/Biotech 1998

Computational Studies of Feeding Behavior of Aplysia californica

DePasquale Brian Princeton University Postdoc, Department of Psychology, Center for Statistics and Machine Learning, Jonathan Pillow Lab 2016

Methods for Building Network Models of Neural Circuits

DeSouza Laura Health Care Market Consulting Group Analyst 2016
Dodman (Eickhorst) Angela Roche Global Studies Manager 2008

Mechanism of Neuroligin-Neurexin Mediated α1β VDCC Recruitment to Presynaptic Terminals

Donegan Macayla New York University Postdoc 2019

Coding of Social Novelty in the Hippocampal CA2 Region

Doobin David Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

Genetic and Infectious Causes of Microcephaly: NDE1 Mutations and the Zika Virus

Doyle Joseph Rockefeller University Academia/Research 1996

Protein Zero and the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule Mediate Cell-Cell Adhesion and Epithelial Reversion When Expressed in a Host Carcinoma Cell Line: A Functional and Structural Analysis

Dudman Joshua Janelia Farm, HHMI Group Leader 2006

Defining New Roles for the Integrative Properties of Neurons in the Medial Temporal Lobe

Dupre Christophe Harvard University, Florian Engert Lab (January, 2018) Postdoc 2017

Non-Overlapping Neural Networks in Hydra vulgaris

Ebstein Sarah Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Postdoc 2017

Gain of function mechanisms of neurodegeneration in ALS

Edmonds Brian University of Alaska Southeast, Fairbanks Asst. Professor 1990

Contributions of Two Classes of Calcium Channels to Transmitter Release and Plasticity in the Sensory Neurons in Aplysia

El-Amamy Heather Georgetown University Hospital Resident 2013

Independent Effects of Paternal Age and Neuregulin1 Expression in Relation to Schizophrenia

Eliot Lise Rosalind Franklin University, The Chicago Medical School Associate Professor 1991

Presynaptice Modulation of Aplysia Sensory-to-Motor Neuron Synapses in Culture

Elliott Taffeta New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Assistant Professor 2006

The neural basis of click rate coding in the auditory system

Elsayed Gamal Google Brain Resident 2017

Identification and Validation of Structures in Neural Population Responses

Engelman Holly Penn State College of Medicine Research Support Staff 2002

Ca2+-Permeable AMPA Receptors and Modulation of Inhibition in the Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn

Ernstrom Glen Middlebury College, VT Assistant Profesor of Biology and Neuroscience 2002

Reconstitution of an Ion Channel Complex Needed for Mechanosensation in C. elegans

Etkin Amit Stanford School of Medicine Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2005

A Role in Hippocampal Long-Term Depression in Contextual Habituation and Immediate Memory

Fageiry Samaher Columbia University, Zuckerman Institute Postdoc 2018

Mapping Cortical Connections with Spinal Circuits

Falkner Annegret Princeton University Assistant Professor 2011

Competition between Visual Stimuli in the Monkey Parietal Cortex

Feinstein Paul Hunter College, New York City Associate Professor 1996

Identification of Homeotic Selector Target Genes in Drosophilia melanogaster

Felsenfeld Daniel Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Director, Integrated Screening 1994

In vitro Studies on the Function of the Axonal Glycoprotein TAG-1

Fink Andrew Columbia University, Department of Neuroscience, Richard Axel Lab Postdoc 2013

Exploring a Behavioral Role For Presynaptic inhibition at Spinal Sensory-Motor Synapses

Fishman Zvi Columbia University, Zuckerman Institute Postdoc, Charles Zuker lab 2019

Taste Processing in the Brainstem

Flint Alex The Permanente Medical Group Neurointensivist 1998

Novel Aspects of Neurotransmission in the Developing Neocortex

Florence TJ Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2017

Visual memory in Drosophila

Fogle Keri University of Pittsburgh Research Instructor 2007

Interactions With Acidic Lipids Represent Novel Mechanisms of HCN Channel Modulation

Fox Leora Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Writer 2016

Alfy mediates turnover of huntingtin and modifies pathogenesis in mouse

Frost William Rosalind Franklin University, The Chicago Medical School Professor 1987

Mechanisms Contributing to Short- and Long-Term Sensitization in Aplysia

Gabitto Mariano Simons Foundation, Center for Data Analysis Reserach Fellow 2016

Dissecting interneuron Diversity, One Cell Tyape at a Time

Gee Angela Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Professor of Biology 2008

The Cortical Mechanisms of Visual Search

Gelber Shari Weill Cornell Medical School Asst. Professor 2000

Functional Contribution of individual Subunits to the Physiology of Neuronal Acetylcholine Receptor Channels

George Meena Private Practice Ophthalmologist 2008

The Excitatory and Inhibitory Effects of the Hyperpolarization-Activated Cation Current on Neuronal Activity: Resolution of a Paradox

Goldberg Jesse Cornell University, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Ithaca, NY, Assistant Professor 2003

Calcium Dynamics in Neocortical interneuron Dendrites

Gore Felicity Stanford University, Karl Deisseroth Lab Postdoc 2015

Neural Circuits Mediating Innate and Learned Behaviors

Goulding Evan Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine Associate Professor 1994

Structure and Function of the Cyclic Neucleotide-Gated Ion Channels

Gray Neil NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, Psychiatry Resident 2011

The Role of the Serotonergic System in the Development and Treatment of Affective Disorders

Greenberg Steven Massachusettes General Hospital, Hemorrhagic Stroke Research Program Director 1983

Cyclic AMP-Dependent Protein Kinase and Long-Term Memory in Aplysia

Harris David A. Boston University, School of Medicine Professor 1984

Intracellular Probes for Studying the Role of Actin and Myosin in Fast Axonal Transport

Hawver David U.S. Food & Drug Administration Pharmacologist 1993

Selective Fasciculation and Avoidance in the Formation of Specific Connections Between Aplysia Neurons in vitro

Hernandez Daniela The Wall Street Journal Digital Science Editor 2010

New Role for Autophagy in Synaptic Function

Hill Alexis Washington University, Yehuda Ben-Shahar Lab Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014

The behavioral effects of increasing adult hippocampal neurogenesis

Hinkle William Hinkle Charitable Foundation Founder 2012

Neural Mechanisms Mediating the Effects of Food Cues and Acute Exercise: An fMRI and Functional Connectivity Investigation

Hitti Frederick Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Resident 2013

The Hippocampal CA2 Region is Essential for Social Memory

Hoang Phuong Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

From stem cells to circuits: modeling the specification and synaptogenesis of spinal inhibitory interneurons

Hoffman Benjamin Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2019

The peripheral nervous system: From molecular mechanisms to non-invasive therapeutics

Horta Adan Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2018

Cell type-specific interchromosomal interactions as a mechanism for transcirptional diversity

Howard Clare Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2018

Slow and Steady: Serotonergic Interneurons Modulate Drosophila Walking Behavior

Hsu Ruby Phama Assay Services Associate Director 2008

Nogo Receptor & miRNA Biogenesis Alterations in 22q11DS-Associated Schizophrenia

Iascone Daniel University of Pennsylvania, Sehgal Lab Postdoc 2019

Global Synaptic Input Mapping of Cortical and Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons

Ikiz Burcin Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Staff Scientist 2012

Unraveling the Molecular Mechanism Underlying the ALS-Linked Astrocyte Toxicity to Motor Neurons

Iyer Meena National Institutes of Health, NINDS Academia/Research 1993

Firing Behavior of Human Motor Units During Quasi-Sinusoidal Isometric Muscle Contractions

Janas Anna Stanford Children's Health, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford Resident Physician 2014

A Stem Cell Model of the Motor Circuit Reveals Distinct Requirements of SMN for Motor Neuron Survival and Function

Jenkins Blair Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2018

Cellular and Molecular Mechansims of Mammalian Touch Receptor Patterning

Jimenez Jessica Columbia University, Rene Hen Lab Postdoc 2017

Control of Anxiety-Related Behavior by the Ventral Hippocampus

Johnson Madeleine GenomeWeb LLC Reporter and Editor 2007

The Role of Type III Neuregulin1 Signaling in Birth and Migration of Neurons In Embryonic and Adult Forebrain

Joseph Donald University of Pennsylvania Postdoc 2009

The Role of Calcium-Permeable Kainate Receptors in Neurite Outgrowth and Synapse Formation Between Rat Nociceptive Dorsal Root Ganglion and Dorsal Horn Neurons

Joubin Katherine RealCME, New York City Research Analyst 2000

Maintenance of Organizer Activity During Gastrulation

Kaang Bong-Kiun Seoul National University Professor 1992

Studies of Long-Term Facilitation Using Gene Transfer Methods

Kaifosh Patrick Cognescent Corporation Co-Founder 2015

Neural Circuit Mechanisms of Learning

Kang Yul Oxford University, Engineering Department, Máté Lengyel Lab Research Associate 2017

Inferring the Decision Rule from the Choice and Speed

Karimzadegan Siavash Pharmaceuticals Professional Biotechnology 2010

The Role of UNC-4 in C. Elegans Motor Neuron Development: Factors Regulating Its Dynamic Expression and a Search for Downstream Targets

Kato Saul University of California, San Francisco Assistant Professor 2013

Signal Processing Function and Mechanism In Sensory Neurons of C. elegans

Katz Ron Columbia University, Science & Technology Ventures Senior Technology Licensing Officer 2006

A Molecular Clock in the Vomeronasal Organ

Kauderer Beth Columbia University, Science & Technology Ventures Senior Associate Director 2001

Capture of a Novel Protein Synthesis-Dependent Component of Long-Term Depression

Kaufman Alexandra Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Postdoctoral Fellow 2020

Noncanonical circuit members of reward signaling in the hippocampus 

Kennedy Timothy McGill University, Montreal Neurological Institute Professor 1993

Molecular mechanisms of learning in aplysia californica: Modulation of protein and mRNA expressions during long-term sensitization and long-term facilitation

Kennedy Ann Caltech, Department of Biology and Biological Engineering; Dr. David Anderson Lab Postdoc 2014

Representation and learning in cerebellum-like structures

Kerk John Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Postdoctoral Fellow 2016

Diversification of C. elegans motor neuron identity via selective effector gene repression

Kerner Bethany University of California, San Francisco Child Neurology 2012

The Role of Gigaxonin in the Regulation of Intermediate Filaments: A Study Using Giant Axonal Neuropathy Patient-Derived iPS-MNs

Klein Marc University of California, Los Angeles Academia/Research 1980

The Biophysical Basis of Habituation and Sensitization in Aplysia

Klemenhagen Kristen Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, Integrated Neuroscience Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology 2009

Hippocampal and Amygdalar Circuitry Involved in Contextual Fear Conditioning: Identifications of Functional Subregions of the Hippocampus in Anxious Mice and Humans

Kolster Rachel Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2015

Single-Molecule Imaging of Conformational Dynamics in a Neurotransmitter Transporter Homolog

Konur Ultanir Sila Francis Crick Institute Group Leader 2004

Function of Dendrite Spinal Motility During Development

Kozberg Mariel Massachusetts General Hospital Internal Medicine Intern 2014

The Development of Neurovascular Coupling in the Postnatal Brain

Kushnir Lyudmila École NormaleSupérieure, Paris, Sophie Deneve Lab Postdoc 2016

Neural classifiers with limited connectivity and local recurrent readouts

Kyrozis Andreas Hellenic Health Foundation Senior Investigator 1995

NMDA Receptor Calcium-Dependent Desensitization With Intact Intracellular Environment

Lacefield Clay Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry, Hen Lab Adjunct Associate Research Scientist 2009

A New Role for New Neurons: Contributions of Adult-Generated Granule Cells to Dentate Gyrus Network Physiology in Vivo

Lai Grace Northwestern University Neurological Surgery Resident 2010

Functional and Structural Neurocircuitry of Language and Music Systems in Autism

Landman Natalie Arizona State University Executive Director 2007

Altered Phosphoinositide Metabolism in Familial Alzheimer's Disease

Lang Cynthia Columbia University, Science & Technology Ventures Technology Licensing Officer 2008

Dendritic Spine Expansion Induced By Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation

Lee Bobbi Labtiva (ReadCube) Product Manager 2012
Lee Justin University of Southern California Medical Center Neurosurgery Resident 2014

Motor Pool Selectivity of Neuromuscular Degeneration in Type I Spinal Muscular Atrophy is Conserved between Human and Mouse

Leininger Elizabeth St. Mary's College, Maryland Assistant Professor 2010

Evolution of Vocal Neuroeffectors in Xenopus (African Clawed Frogs)

Levie (Scearce) Kimberly Genentech Scientist, Translational Neuroscience 1999

Serotonin 1B Receptor Knockout Mice as an Animal Model of Vulnerability to Drugs of abuse

Levron (Rachel) Rivka Michlalah College, Jerusalem Lecturer/Scientific Consultant 2001

Development of Bilateral Retinal Axon Projections: A Link Between Melanin and Neurogenesis

Levy Rebecca Stanford University Resident 2012

Exploring the Role of RAPGEF6 in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Leypold Bradley Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates, CT Radiologist 2002

Genetic Analysis of Vomeronasal Organ Function

Lieberman Ori Columbia University Medical Student 2019

Mechanisms of Basal Ganglia Development

Lin Jonathan University of California San Diego School of Medicine Associate Professor 1999

ETS Genes and the Assembly of a Simple Stretch Reflex Circuit Between Motor Neuron Pools and Muscle Sensory Afferent Subtypes

Lindsay Grace Columbia University, Department of Neuroscience Postdoc, Ken Miller's Lab 2017

Modeling the Impact of Internal State on Sensory Processing

Liu Jian California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco Academia/Research 2000

The Structural and Conformational Changes in the Pore Region of Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channels

Long Laura Simons Foundation Assistant Scientist 2020

Characteriazation of visual word recognition using human intracranial neurophysiology

Lopez-Garcia Juan-Carlos Nature Medicine Publishing 1998

A Presynaptic Locus for Long-Term Potentiation of Elementary Synaptic Transmission at Mossy Fiber Synapses in Culture

Lovett-Barron Matthew Stanford University, Deisseroth Lab Postdoc 2014

Functional Consequences of Dendritic Inhibition in the Hippocampus

Luo Sean Columbia University Medical Center, Psychiatry/Presbyterian Hospital Clinical Fellow 2009

Models of Olfactory Discrimination in Drosophila

Lyashchenko Alexander Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology Postdoctoral Residency Fellow 2014

Mechanisms of FUS-mediated Motor Neuron Degeneration in ALS

Ma Minghong University of Pennsylvania Associate Professor 1997

Consequences and Mechanisms of Frequency-Dependent Spike Broadening in Aplysia R20 Neurons

Machado Tim Cognescent Corporation Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer 2015

Probing Circuits for Spinal Motor Control

Mackey Steven Columbia University Associate Professor 1991

A Cellular Analysis of the Role of Serotonin and FMRFamide in the Modulation of the Gill-and Sephon-Withdrawal Reflex in Aplysia

Majewska Anna University of Rochester Medical Center, Department of Neuroscience Associate Professor 2000

Mechanisms and Regulation of Calcium Decay Kinetics in Spines

Maldonado Angel Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics Postdoctoral Residency Fellow 2014

PDGFRb is a Specific Marker and Regulator of Adult Neural Stem Cells

Malito David Convent of the Sacred Heart School Physics Teacher 2010

The Role of Closed-State Inactivation in Modulation of L-Type Calcium Channels By Dihydropyridine Antagonist

Mandelbaum David Brown University Professor 1978

Studies of the Role of Cyclic AMP and Protein Phosphorylation in the Mediation of Food Arousal in Aplysia

Manzini Chiara George Washington University Asst. Professor 2006

AMPA/KA Glutamate Receptors in Neuronal Differentiation and Survival

Mason A. Thorton Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Associate Professor, Clinical Neurology 2000

The Role of CRD-NRG-1 in the Formation and Maintenance of Critical Neuromuscular Synapses During Embryogenesis

Matthews Benjamin Rockefeller University, Vosshall Lab Research Associate 2010

Dendrite Self-Avoidance is Controlled by Dscam and Counterbalances Attractive Guidance Signaling in Drosophila

Matthews Glennis BioTech Company in Mumbai, India Scientific Director 2006

Cell Birth and Death in the Adult Olfactory Neuroepithelium

Mendelsohn Alana Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

Specifying Neurons and Circuits for Limb Motor Control

Merel Josh DeepMind Limited Technologies, London Research Scientist 2016

New Perspective on Learning, Inference, and control in Brains and Machines

Meszaros Jozsef 2017

Measuring dopamine release in an area of very low innervation

Mishra Neeli Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University Postdoctoral Researcher, Richard Axel Lab 2020

Characterization of global brain state dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster

Monaco Joe Johns Hopkins University Postdoc 2009

Rapid Spatial Map Formation and Remapping by Competing Over Grid Cell Inputs

Morrison Sara Dietrich School of Art and Science, University of Pittsburgh Assitant Professor 2010

Neural Signals in the Orbitofrontal Cortex and Amygdala During Appetitive and Aversive Reinforcement Learning

Nikitchenko Maxim Harvard University Postdoc 2013

Inference of Neural Connectivity and Convergence Acceleration Methods

O'Neill Pia Kelsey Columbia University, Department of Neuroscience, Department of Arts and Sciences in Biological Sciences Postdoc, Lecturer 2013

Long-Range Synchrony Between Medial Prefrontal Cortex, Thalamus, and Hippocampus Underlies Working Memory Behavior In Mice

Oakley Derek Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Pathology Clinical Fellow 2012

Human Stem Cells for Modeling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Disease Mechanisms and Modifiers

Odean Naomi Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Mike Shadlen Lab 2020

Information routing for decision making 

Ortiz Christopher UCLA, Anethesiology Critical Care Fellow 2009

Functional Laterality in the Gustatory System of C. elegans

Owens David NIH/NINDS, Division of Extramural Research Acting Deputy Director 2000

GABAergic Signaling During Early Neocortical Development

Padilla Coreano Nancy Massachusetts Institue of Technology Postdoc, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Laboratory of Kay Tye 2016

Direct ventral hippocampal-prefrontal input is required for anxiety-related neural activity and behavior.

Pannese Alessia Paris Institute for Advanced Studies Resident Fellow 2010

Neural Correlates of Conscious and Unconscious Processing of the Self-Face

Paton Joseph Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia/Champalimaud Foundation, Portugal Group Lead 2008

Learning to Like and Dislike in the Primate Amygdala

Peck Ellen New York School of Medicine Resident 2013

Space and Value in the Primate Amydgala

Peck Chris Capital One Labs Data Scientist 2013

Space and Value in the Primate Amygdala and Basal Forebrain

Peña (Jensen) Catherine Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Nestler Lab Postdoc 2012

Natural Variations In Maternal Care Program Development of Offspring Neuroendocrine and Reward Pathways

Penney Ellen Neurology at Mass General Hospital/Brigham & Women's Hospital Resident 2009

Genetic Regulatory Cascades Governing NMJ Synaptic Development and Function

Peres-Torres Eduardo Columbia University Medical Student 2020

Retromer Dysfunction in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Perkins Katherine SUNY Health Science Center Associate Professor 1996

Giant GABA-Mediated Synaptic Currents Recorded From Neurons in the Hippocampal Slice-Ionic Basis of the Depolarizing GABA Response

Petros Timothy NYU, Fishell Lab Postdoc 2008

Retinal Axon Divergence at the Optic Chiasm: To Cross or not to Cross

Pfau David DeepMind Limited Technologies Research Scientist 2014

Learning structure in time series for neuroscience and beyond

Pian Philip University of Colorado Medical School, Department of Anesthesiology Senior Instructor 2006

Regulation of Hyperpolarization-Activated HCN Channels by PI(4,5)P2 and TRIP8b

Pittenger Chris Yale University, Psychiatry Associate Professor 2002

A Transgenic Investigation of the Role of the Transcription Factor Creb in Declarative and Procedural Memory formation in the Mouse

Platt Maryann Columbia University Postdoc 2019

Immune mechanisms of Brain Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Autoimmune Encephalitis

Pollock Jonathan Stanford University, School of Medicine Associate Professor 1985

Potassium Channel Modulation by Serotonin and Cyclic AMP In Pleural Sensory Neurons of Aplysia: A Neural Mechanism for Synaptic Plasticity and Learning

Qian Sam Insight Data Science Fellow 2018

Internal tracheal sensory neuron wiring and function in Drosophila larvae

Rajan Kanaka Princeton University Biophysics Theory Fellow 2008

Nonchaotic Responses From Randomly Connected Networks of Model Neurons

Rajasethupathy Priya Rockefeller University Assistant Professor 2011

Novel Small-RNA Mediated Gene-Regulatory Mechanisms for Long-Term Memory

Ramirez Alexandro Weill Cornell, Aksay lab Postdoc 2012

Methods for Solving the Neural Code in High Dimensions

Ramirez Alejandro New York PresbyterianHospital/Columbia University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry Resident 2013

The Sensitivity of Barrel Cortex to Spatiotemporally Complex Stimuli

Rayport Steve Columbia University Professor 1981

Development of the Functional and Plastic Capabilities of Neurons Mediating a Defensive Behavior in Aplysia

Raza Ali Harvard University Medical School Medical Student 2014

Modeling the Structure-Function Relationship between Retinal Ganglion Cells and Visual Field Sensitivity and the Changes Due to Glaucoma

Reardon Thomas Cognescent Corporation CEO/Co-Founder 2016

Improved mono-synaptic tracing tools for mapping, monitoring, and manipulation of neural circuits.

Redd Kacy Association of Public and Land-grant Universities in Washington, DC Director 2009

Ions, Second Messenger, and Anesthetics: Deconvolving the Mechanistic Actions of Regulators of HCN Pacemaker Channel Function

Remole Kelley Columbia University, Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Senior Director of Scientific Programs 2011

Anatomical and Functional Characterization of the Ventral Hippocampus in a Rodent Model of Schizophrenia Neuropathology

Requarth Tim NeuWrite Director 2014

Mechanisms for predicting the sensory consequences of movement in a cerebellum-like circuit

Richards (Power) Jennifer Cepheid Director of Marketing 2004

The Role of Spontaneous Activity in the Establishment and Maintenance of the Olfactory Sensory Map

Rigotti Mattia New York University Postdoc 2010

Modeling the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Rule-Based Behavior

Riquelme Patricio Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Medicine Resident 2009

Prospective Isolation of a Candidate Neural Stem Cell From the Adult Mammalian Spinal Cord

Robakis Thalia Stanford University Medical School Psychiatrist 2006

A Novel Proteolytic Mechanism for Processing of a Neuronal lg-Domaine

Rosen Zev Massachusetts Institute of Technology Postdoc 2013

Neuromodulatory Regulation of Hippocampal Neural Circuits

Rubin Daniel Brigham and Women's Hospital - Harvard University, Neurology Resident 2011

A Novel Circuit Model of Normalization and Contextual Modulation in Primary Visual Cortex

Rudnick Noam Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2015

Role of Autophagy in a Mouse Model of ALS

Russo Abigail Princeton University Postdoc, Brody/Pillow Labs 2019

Understanding Neural Dynamics and Geometry of Population Activity in Motor Cortices

Russo Marco Columbia University Medical School Medical Student 2015

The Auto-Associative Circuitry of Olfactory Cortex

Savner Erin NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/ Columbia University Medical Center, Neurology Resident 2010

Regulation of Synapse Size and Function by Pre-mRNA Splicing

Scalise Karina Janelia Research Campus, Misha Ahrens lab Consultant 2015

Purkinje Cell Responses during Optomotor Behavior in Larval Zebrafish

Schaffer Evan Columbia University, Axel Lab Associate Research Scientist 2011

Transient Dynamics in Neural Networks

Schneider David New York University Assistant Professor 2012

Neural Coding of Individual Vocalizations in Auditory Scenes

Schoer Rebecca Columbia University, Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Compliance and Training Coordinator 2012

Representations of Relative Value Coding in the Amygdala and OFC

Schoonover Carl Columbia University Medical School, Axel Lab Postdoc 2013

Efficacy and Dendritic Organization of Thalamocortical Synapses onto Excitatory Layer 4 Neurons

Schumacher Joseph Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience Postdoc 2014

Effects of developmental vocal learning on neural coding in the Songbird auditory cortex

Seale Garrett GES Consulting, San Juan, Puerto Rico Principal 2010

Regulation of Dynein and Dynein Accessory Proteins in Neuronal Polarization and Axon Elongation

Seely Jeffrey CTRL Labs Lead Scientist 2017

Tensor Analysis and the dynamics of Motor Cortex

Segal Michael SimulConsult Founder/Chief Scientist 1981

Convergent Cholinergic Neurons Produce Similar Postsynaptic Actions in Aplysia: Implications for Neural Organization

Shrestha Brikha Harvard University, Goodrich Lab Postdoc 2013

Role of the Ig Superfamily Member Basigin in Neuronal Dendrite Morphogenesis

Shuster Mike Fenwick & West LLP Intellectual Property/Law 1985

Modulation and Characterization of the "S" K+ Channel in Cell-Free Membrane Patches

Singla Shobhit Columbia Medical School Medical Student 2016

A Cerebellum-like Circuit in the Auditory System Cancels Self-generated Sounds

Sippy Tanya Laboratory of Sensory Processing at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne Postdoc 2011

Asynchronous Inhibition In Neocortical Microcircuits

Sirotin Yevgeniy Scitor Corporation, Baltimore, MD Senior Principal Scientist 2008

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