Fellowships and Awards


Many of our students have won prestigious fellowships to support their research. Many prizes are also available to students that recognize outstanding achievements in research, as well as travel awards to support attendance at meetings:

An extensive list of available grants and tips for grant preparation are available on our internal website for graduate students.


Recent Student Awards


NSF Fellowship
Patricia Cooney (Advisor: Wes Grueber)

Konner Kirwan (Advisor: Rotating)
Erica Shook (Advisor: Rotating)
Ching Fang (Advisor: Rotating)


NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship

Laura Benoit "The effect of adolescent thalamic inhibition on adult prefrontal cortical function" (Advisor: Christoph Kellendonk)
Sarah Health "Spectral and spatial processing of wavelength information in the Drosophila visual system" (Advisor: Rudy Behia)
Lisa Randolph "Post-transcriptional regualtion of Snap25 by Pumilio proteins in synaptogenesis" (Advisor: Ulrich Hengst)
James Priestly "Memory compression in the hippocampus" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)
Leslie Sibener "Dissecting the role of thalamostriatal circuits in flexible versus automatized motor skill execution" (Advisor: Rui Costa)
Alexander Whitebirch "The role of CA2 circuits in temporal lobe epilepsy" (Advisor: Steve Siegelbaum)




NSF Fellowship
Marissa Applegate (Advisor: Dmitriy Aronov)
Jung Park (Advisor: Randy Bruno)


NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship

John Bowler "Characterizing Direct Cortical Influences on Hippocampal CA1 Population Dynamics in Behaving Mice" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)
Catherine Brain "Transforming Growth Factor Beta Signaling in a mouse model fo Amyotorphic Laterial Sclerosis" (Advisor: Tom Maniatis)
Alexandra Kaufman "Neuromodulatory and astrocyte influences on hippocompal place cell plasticity" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)
Jessica Kohn "The effect of locomotion-induced octopamine release on motion detection circuits in Drosophila" (Advisor: Rudy Behnia)
Najja Marshall "Optimal force production via flexible neural control of motor units" (Advisor: Mark Churchland)
Sebastian Rolotti "Impact of network oscillations on dendritic computation in hippocampal pyramidal neurons" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)



NSF Fellowship
Josephine McGowan (Advisor: Rotating)
Ashlea Morgan (Advisor: Mark Ansorge)
Grace Paquelet (Advisor: Rotating)
Nicholas Singletary (Advisor: Rotating)
Andrew Zimnik (Advisor: Mark Churchland)


NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Jessica Kohn (Advisor: Rudy Behnia)
James Priestley (Advisor: Rotating)
Leslie Sibener (Advisor: Rotating)
Alexandra Whitebirch (Advisor: Steven Siegelbaum)


NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Rachel Clary "Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal remodeling in healthy tissue" (Advisor: Ellen Lumpkin)
Daniel Kato "Effects of learning on multi-sensory integration in primary sensory cortical areas" (Advisor: Randy Bruno)
Benjamin Hoffman "Peripheral mechanisms of neurotransmisison in mammalian touch receptors" (Advisor: Ellen Lumpkin)
Adan Horta "Developmentally dynamic chromatin architecture during neurogenesis" (Advisor: Stavros Lomvardos)
Daniel Iascone "Whole-neuron structural input mapping of SRGAP2 regulation of synaptic development" (Advisor: Franck Polleux)

Ori Lieberman "Regulation of striatal maturation by dopamine and macroautophagy: implications for neuropsychiatric disorders" (Advisor: Dave Sulzer)
Richard Warren "Circuit Mechanisms for the Cancellation of Self-Generated Sounds in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus" (Advisor: Nate Sawtell) 



NSF Fellowship
Sean Bittner (Advisor: Rotating)
Sarah Heath (Advisor: Rudy Behnia)
Francisco Pena (Advisor: Daniel Salzman)
Rebecca Rabinovich (Advisor: Randy Bruno)
Rebecca Vaadia (Advisor: Wesley Grueber)
Abigail Zadina (Advisor: Nate Sawtell)

NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Veronica Birdsall (Advisor: Clarissa Waites)
Rachel Clary (Advisor: Ellen Lumpkin)
Jessica Kohn (Advisor: Rudy Behnia)
Melissa Lee (Advisor: Mimi Shirazu-Hiza, Carol Mason)
Josephine McGowan (Advisor: Rotating)
Ashlea Morgan (Advisor: Mark Ansorge)
James Priestley (Advisor: Rotating)
Anna Snyder (Advisor: Nate Sawtell)
Richard Warren (Advisor: Nathaniel Sawtell)


NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship

Joshua Chalif "Excitatory Spinal micro-circuit mechanisms involved in locomotor activity" (Advisor: George Mentis)
Samuel Clark "Optical imaging of dopamine kinetics in prefrontal cortex of normal and schizophrenia model mice" (Advisor: David Sulzer)
Georgia Pierce "The role of secondary thalamus in enhancing cortical sensory representations" (Advisor: Randy Bruno)
Claire Warriner "Motor cortical control of voluntary forelimb muscle activity" (Advisor: Tom Jessell)



NSF Fellowship
Eleanor Batty (Advisor: Liam Paninski)
Catherine Braine (Advisor: Tom Maniatis)
Macayla Donegan (Advisor: Steve Siegelbaum)
Alexandra Kaufman (Attila Losonczy)
Laura Long (Advisor: Nima Mesgarani)
Najja Marshall (Advisors: Larry Abbott, Mark Churchland)
Sebastian Rolotti (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)

NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Melissa Lee (Advisor: Mimi Shirasu-Hiza)
Rebecca Rabinovich (Advisor: Randy Bruno)
Melina Tsitsiklis (Advisor: Daphna Shohamy)
Richard Warren (Nathaniel Sawtell)

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Phuong Hoang "Investigating V1 interneuron subtype diversity using embryonic stem cells" (Advisor: Hynek Wichterle)
Blair Jenkins "How do discriminative touch receptors selectively innervate peripheral targets?" (Advisor: Ellen Lumpkin)
Katherine Shakman "Defining the Circuitry for Olfactory Memories Beyond the Mushroom Body in Drosophila melanogaster" (Advisor: Richard Axel)
Joseph Stujenske "The role of basolateral amygdala interneurons in fear suppression" (Advisor: Joshua Gordon/Steve Siegelbaum)
Jeffrey Zaremba "Understanding hippocampal circuit dysfunction in 22q11.2 model of schizophrenia" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy/Joseph Gogos)



NSF Fellowship
Laura DeSouza (Advisor: Sarah Woolley)
Neeli Mishra (Advisor: Richard Axel)

NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Georgia Pierce (Advisor: Randy Bruno)

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Scott Bolkan "Optogenetic dissection of thalamoprefrontal circuitry supporting spatial working memory" (Advisor: Christoph Kellendonk)
Shobhit Singla "Adaptive sensory processing in the dorsal cochlear nucleus of the mouse" (Advisor: Nate Sawtell)
Abigail Clark "Dissection of mediodorsal thalamic circuitry underlying flexible behavior" (Advisor: Christoph Kellendonk)
Anita Burgos "Dissection of neural circuitry underlying nociception in Drosophila larvae" (Advisor: Wes Grueber)
Noam Rudnick "Role of p62 in a mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" (Advisor: Tom Maniatis)
Rebecca Williamson "APP ubiquitination and implications for AB generation" (Advisor: Gilbert Di Paolo)
Nate Danielson "Functional dissection of a radial subdivision among hippocampal pyramidal cells" (Advisor: Attila Losonczy)

Croucher Fellowship for Doctoral Study
Nina So (Advisor: Sarah Woolley)



Dean's Award for Excellence in Research
Christine Constantinople

NSF Fellowship
Nancy Padilla (Advisor: Joshua Gordon)
Caterina Profaci (Advisor: Karen Duff)
Jeffrey Seely (Advisors: Mark Churchland, Larry Abbott)

NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Grace Lindsay (Advisor: Ken Miller)

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Leora Fox "Alfy-mediated selective macroautophagy and the pathogenesis of Huntington's disease" (Advisor: Ai Yamamoto)
Rachel Kolster "smFRET investigation of gating in a neurotransmitter transporter homolog" (Advisor: Jonathan Javitch)
Mariel Kozberg "In-vivo imaging of the evolution of hemodynamic control in the developing brain" (Advisor: Elizabeth Hillman)
Justin Lee "Mechanisms underlying selective motor pool vulnerability in mouse and human SMA (Advisor: Chris Henderson)
Elizabeth Stone "Phagocytosis is misregulated in a Drosophila model of Fragile X Syndrome" (Advisor: Mimi Shirasu-Hiza)



NSF Fellowship
Zvi Fishman (Advisor: Charles Zuker)
Mariano Gabitto (Advisor: Charles Zuker)
Ali Raza (Advisor: Donald Hood)

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Frederick Hitti "Characterization and genetic ablation of the CA2 subfield of the hippocampus" (Advisor: Steve Siegelbaum)
Ellen Peck "Spatial and reward coding in the primate amygdala" (Advisor: C. Daniel Salzman)
Angel Maldonado "Identification and regulation of quiescent stem cells in the adult brain (Advisor: Fiona Doetsch)
Alejandro Ramirez "Processing of complex stimuli in the primary sensory cortex" (Advisor: Randy Bruno)

HHMI International Predoctoral Fellowship
Patrick Kaifosh "Hippocampal circuit mechanisms for memory" (Advisors: Attila Losonczy, Larry Abbott)

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship
Sam Qian (Advisor: Wes Grueber)


Kavli Award for Distinguished Research in Neuroscience
Priya Rajasethupathy
"Novel small RNA mediated gene-regulatory mechanisms for long-term memory" (Advisor: Eric Kandel)

NSF Fellowship
Anita Burgos
(Advisor: Wes Grueber)
Timothy Machado (Advisor: Tom Jessell)
Krista Spiller (Advisor: Chris Henderson)

NSF Fellowship - Honorable Mention
Scott Bolkan
(Advisors: Josh Gordon, Christoph Kellendonk)
Rebecca Brachman (Advisor: Rene Hen)
Martin Vignovich (Advisor: Charles Zuker)

NIH NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship
Derek Oakley
"Modifiers of Age of Onset in ALS Studied Using Patient iPS-derived Motor Neurons" (Advisor: Chris Henderson)
Tim Requarth "Neural Mechanisms for Sensory Prediction in Cerebellum-like Structure" (Advisor: Nathaniel Sawtell)