The great challenge for science in the 21st century is to understand the mind in biological terms and Columbia has tried to position itself scientifically to meet that challenge.
– Eric Kandel


We offer a diverse set of research and academic experiences that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience. Over one hundred faculty from two campuses combine coursework and experiential learning in basic, clinical and translational science, providing an exceptionally broadly based education.

We also foster an atmosphere of collaboration between investigators, theorists, and experimentalists, where students learn the value of a problem-oriented approach to research. Guidance and mentorship are an integral part of the Columbia experience.

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The Neurobiology and Behavior program exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, with some of the brightest minds covering every aspect of the brain from development to function to pathology.
Anita Burgos
Grueber Lab
In this program, I am able to work with talented scientists in exciting research spanning multiple questions, methods, and model systems.
Patrick Kaifosh
Abbott and Losonczy Labs
Columbia is a place where neuroscience goes beyond conventional research and every dream has a place to grow.
Christophe Dupre
Yuste Lab
Columbia Neurobiology is a dynamic, energetic, stimulating environment. I am constantly challenged by my peers to learn new things and think in new ways.
Sarah Ebstein
Shneider Lab
In Columbia's Neurobiology and Behavior Program, I am always engaging in exciting scientific inquiries, great mentorship, and stimulating interactions with experts in diverse fields.
Nina So
Woolley Lab