Course Requirements and Schedule

Students typically complete their course requirements during the first two years in the program. The NB&B Program offeres semester long academic courses and shorter "nanocourses" (section N) aimed at professional development. Two advanced, semester-long seminars are required for the PhD, usually chosen from among Program course offerings.

First year graduate students in the Program typically take:

  • Crafting a research proposal (GR7010 section 1).
  • Responsible Conduct of Neuroscience Research/Policy (G6001).
  • Survey of Neuroscience (G4340).
  • Neurobiology II: Development and Systems (BIOL GR4005).
  • Analysis for Neuroscientists (or equivalent training in Rigor and Reproducibility).
  • In addition, students do three research rotations during their first
    year, which are a major part of the first-year curriculum

Second year students

  • Two elective courses relevant to the student's research, which often are
    chosen from the advanced seminars in Neurobiology and Behavior (go to list of courses).
  • Second and Third year students - Participation in Student-run Journal Club (one mandatory presentation per year) (Fall, Spring semesters, G4990).
  • Writing Skills for Neuroscientists II - building a specific aims page (GR7010 section 2).

Third year and beyond

Third and fourth year students presenting research in progress talks: Presentation Skills for Neuroscientists (GR7020) Third year and beyond

  • All students - Research in Neurobiology (G9040).

GR7000 series courses are short nanocourses. While elective course work is typically completed by the end of the second year, as many graduate courses are offered in alternate years, the final course for some students may be in their third year. The curriculum is tailored to the students and requirements are flexible.

Note that MD/PhDs take the Medical School neuroscience course instead of the survey course, they can participate but are not required to take Crafting a Research Proposal or Responsible Conduct.

During their PhD years, MD/PhD students should register to take courses for a letter grade.