The great challenge for science in the 21st century is to understand the mind in biological terms and Columbia has tried to position itself scientifically to meet that challenge.
– Eric Kandel


We offer a diverse set of research and academic experiences that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience. Over one hundred faculty from two campuses combine coursework and experiential learning in basic, clinical and translational science, providing an exceptionally broadly based education.

We also foster an atmosphere of collaboration between investigators, theorists, and experimentalists, where students learn the value of a problem-oriented approach to research. Guidance and mentorship are an integral part of the Columbia experience.

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The broad set of research interests made it easy to find a project that inspired my passion, but the community of kind, inquisitive, and well-rounded people is truly what makes Columbia an exceptional place to study neuroscience.
Najja Marshall
Churchland and Abbott Labs
Columbia Neurobiology and Behavior has been the right place for my training. Projects that span different departments, mentors, and even model organisms are possible in the collaborative environment that is fostered by this program.
Melissa Lee
Shirasu-Hiza and Mason Labs
The program’s emphasis on flexibility provides students the freedom to pursue their research vision and grow as scientists. At Columbia, I have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research and develop skills I thought were beyond my reach.
Laura Long
Mesgarani Lab
Neuroscience at Columbia is more than the study of cells or circuits - the sense of community and restless energy to learn and grow are palpable.
Dan Iascone
Polleux Lab
After my rotations, my interests fit really well with two labs, and now I get to combine the expertise of both through a collaboration. Collaborations like this are one of the greatest strengths of NBB.
Francisco Peña
Salzman Lab
Columbia's Neurobiology program is diverse and collaborative, with students and faculty from various academic backgrounds. This allows us to tackle exciting projects and develop new technologies to advance our interdisciplinary field.
Neeli Mishra
Axel Lab