Fall 2020


, 3 pts, GR6050


The course integrates Neuroscience, Genomics, and Data Science. We provide an introduction to the analysis of large datasets with a focus on whole-tissue and single-cell transcriptomics and other ‘omics’, including gene expression and gene pathway analysis, in Neuroscience applications. The course is taught by wet-lab scientists – thus the emphasis on practical tools and skills required to analyze data and on the interconnection between experimental design and data analysis. Each session combines a lecture and a computer workshop. An introduction to R programming and statistical concepts, for experimental biologists /neuroscientists to plan the experiments and analyze, visualize and interpret their own data. The course will culminate in student project presentations on differential gene expression analysis. The course is designed for graduate students in Neuroscience/Biological sciences. No prior knowledge of programming or statistics is required, but will be beneficial.

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W 2:40PM-5:25PM To be announced
Rene Hen