Shawn Liu, PhD

Shawn Liu, PhD

Research Interest

Research Summary

Our laboratory is interested in investigating the function of epigenetics, a molecular mechanism enabling our genome to integrate extrinsic signals, in brain functions and disorders. We combine molecular tool development with genetic and genomic approaches to explore epigenetic mechanisms in normal brain functions, and to uncover the epigenetic basis of neurological disorder to accelerate the development of therapeutics. We use iPSC-based system and genetically engineered mouse models to tackle these questions.

Three major research directions in our laboratory are 1) to develop CRISPR-based epigenome editing tools allowing to manipulate DNA methylation, histone modification, and 3D chromatin structures at a locus specific manner in a single cell; 2) to dissect the molecular basis of memory storage at the epigenetic level; and 3) to tackle human diseases by editing the epigenome.

  • Epigenome Editing Tool Development
  • Molecular Basis for Memory Storage
  • Tackle Brain Diseases by Sculpting the Epigenome

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