2021 Bio-Rad Science Writing Competition (2nd place winner, Ashlea Morgan)

July, 14 2021

Ashela Morgan, 2nd Place Winner, Thoughts of Mice: Understanding the Role Serotonin Plays in Cognitive Flexibility

Laura Duvall selected as a 2021 Pew Scholar

June, 23 2021

Dr. Laura Duvall is one of just 21 scholars selected to join this year’s Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences. Her lab studies neuropeptides and the regulation of innate behavior in blood-feeding arthropods, such as mosquitoes, which have emerged as potent vectors for disease in an age of climate change.

Bianca Jones Marlin Named Herbert and Florenece Irving Assistant Professor of Cell Research at the Zuckerman Institute

June, 17 2021

Research on inherited factors that switch genes on and off builds bridges to cancer.

New Professorship Awarded to Theoretical Neuroscientist Kenneth Miller at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

June, 07 2021

Miller has spent his career providing new insights into vision and the fundamental functions of the brain using tools from physics and mathematics.

Neuroscientist Vikram Gadagkar of Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute Named Searle Scholar

May, 20 2021

Research on the female zebra finch promises new insights into how we judge the actions of others.

Research by the Yuste Lab suggests a new basis for 'noverlty detection' in the brain

April, 16 2021

Recent research conducted by the Yuste lab suggests a new basis for ‘novelty detection’ in the brain. In order to make sense of myriad sensory stimuli in our environments, the brain needs to suppress responses to predictable stimuli while increasing responses to novel stimuli.

New Strategy for Protecting Against Damaging Chemotherapy Side Effect Revealed in Study of Fruit Flies and Mouse Cells

April, 13 2021

Findings point to promising new direction for preventing debilitating pain caused by chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

Lab in the Time of Coronavirus: “Back to School”

September, 10 2020

In a podcast hosted by Kathleen Durkin and Devin Powell from the ZMBBI, Darcy chats with them and other faculty and students about what preparation for this upcoming academic year looks like during the pandemic.

Neuroscientist Rui Costa, Director and CEO of Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute, Elected to the National Academy of Medicine

October, 21 2019

Academy recognizes Dr. Costa’s outstanding contributions to the brain science of movement and learning that has yielded insights into Parkinson’s disease, autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder