Itamar Kahn, PhD

Itamar Kahn, PhD

Research Interest

Research Summary

In the lab we seek to uncover the role of high-order cognitive processes, the support flexible behavior, in learning and memory. Active sensing, a process that optimizes sensory perception and motor output, is a key area of interest as it involves the continuous modulation of incoming information. In the lab we are investigating brain mechanisms that support active sensing to gain a deeper understanding how mammals are able to engage in exploration-exploitation, adapt to changing conditions in their environment, and achieve internal goals. This line of inquiry aims to unlock new insights into the intricacies of the human brain and advance our understanding of how we learn and remember.

  • BS, 1997 Mathematics and Computer Science, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
  • PhD, 2005 Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Post-doctoral training, 2010 Harvard University
  • Jonathan Algoo, Graduate Student (co-advised with Vilas Menon)
  • Jad Asleh, Post-doctoral Fellow
  • David Gruskin, Graduate Student in the MD/PhD program (co-advised with Michael Shadlen)
  • Xenia Gofman, Post-doctoral Fellow
  • Ameer Lawen, Graduate Student (co-advised with Charles Zuker)
  • Daniela Lichtman, Graduate Student
  • Briana McRae, Graduate Student (co-advised with Bianca Jones Marlin)

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  • Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience
  • Brain Imaging
  • Columbia University CIMER Mentor Training
  • Crawford Bias Reduction Theory and Training
  • Crawford Lab Specific Intercultural Development Inventory Training